Optimize your Ad spends with our
Cross-Brand Tech

Stop wasting money on unnecessary brand keyword purchases with Primelis' real-time brand monitoring and optimization tool, enabling you to make significant savings and invest in real customer acquisition.

Gain precise insights about your branded traffic

Monitor your branded traffic's SEO and PPC distribution for valuable marketing strategy insights.

Model and analyze a
blended CTR

Optimize your blended CTR (SEO+PPC) and maximize your ROI by analyzing and adjusting ad spend allocation.

Protect your brand from competition on Google Ads

Stay ahead of competitors using Google Ads on branded searches with our real-time analysis & spend optimization feature.

Cross-Brand tech helps 150+ customers save millions of dollars every month.

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How it works


Analyze your trafic distribution

Monitor the distribution between your SEO and PPC traffic on branded searches and get valuable insights for your marketing strategy. With this feature, you can easily track the percentage of clicks and impressions between organic search results and paid ads for searches related to your brand name. By understanding how your audience engages with different search results on branded queries, you can make informed decisions on your SEO and PPC investments..


Get insights on your blended CTR

Model your blended CTR (SEO+PPC) and monitor the impact from reducing ad spend on traffic acquisition. Evaluate your SEO and paid advertising effectiveness and adjust your strategy accordingly. Maximize your ROI by making informed decisions on ad spend allocation. Optimize your strategy and increase your traffic and conversions quickly.


Monitor the competition

Adapt your campaigns in real-time to stay ahead of competitors using Google Ads on branded searches with our continuous analysis feature. Our tool constantly monitors your competitors' presence on brand-related queries, providing valuable insights for adjusting your campaign's reach and messaging. Stay ahead of the competition with data-driven decisions and improve your campaigns' performance.


Stop wasting marketing dollars and optimize your spend

Our tech will automatically adapt your bidding strategy and disable your brand ads in times or devices where you brand is the only ad to appear on the serp.Shifting paid brand clicks to organic free clicks. This not only saves you money in paid brand attribution, but also allows for increased share of organic brand traffic. Let our Cross-Brand tech optimize your paid brand strategy and maximize your brand reach.

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